Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Sex Workers Project

This is an illustration for the cover of a report that came out today from the Sex Workers Project detailing the impact of using condoms as evidence of prostitution in New York City. They have decided to use it as the logo for the campaign -- it is on labels, websites, and made the rounds in Albany yesterday. The SWP is a project at the Urban Justice Center that provides legal services and engages in documentation and policy advocacy for sex workers. They are an amazing organization, and you should support them. I suggest that everyone take a moment out of their day to think about this issue and all of the ramifications. I find it very unsettling that this happens in a city we all perceive to be fairly progressive. It needs to stop. Now.

Here are some chilling quotes from the report...

"They assume if you have a condom, you’re a prostitute."
37-year-old female, Manhattan

"Carrying condoms should not be a crime."
25-year-old transsexual Latina

“Why would [you] give a prostitute a condom? I’m just going to arrest her. You’re giving me more of a reason to write her up.”
Police officer, according to 19-year-old harm reduction service user

The Sex Workers Project is fighting to stop this practice. Check out this article from the NY Times to learn more.

Thanks go out to Sienna from the SWP -- for this job and for fighting for justice every day.


  1. Amazing illustration for a great cause. This is the first I'm hearing that this is even an issue-- so unbelievable.

  2. Nice. Your illustration style is so perfect for this application. And congratulations! We ought to be seeing it everywhere.

  3. Good Day, I work for an NGO which focuses on SW. I am wanting permission to use this photo at an exhibition being held in JHB in South Africa to tell a story of how the SW are being arrested for having condoms in their possession. Please email me at