Monday, March 19, 2012

Cloud-based Videoconferencing

This full-page illustration will be in the April issue of AV Technology magazine. They wanted something that would explain the concept to the reader that was also something more visually interesting than a simple infographic. I made the "cloud" itself by layering reversed ink washes to make it feel more organic and airy. It is always a pleasure to work with AVT -- thanks again, Margot and Nicole!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The iPad: Ready for Pro AV?

This illustration is on the cover of the March issue of Sound & Video Contractor. The issue focuses on using the iPad (and other tablets) to run complex AV systems. Here, an AV schematic comes to life, but its stability is questionable.

I also did a full-page interior illustration for the issue. The article compares and contrasts the iPad and various Android-based tablets to help their readers decide which device would be best for their needs.

Thanks to Cynthia, Jessaca, and Nicole for these great assignments!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DV Expo East

This illustration is for DV Expo East, a digital video show in New York this summer where new devices and gear are exhibited. The art director wanted me to incorporate the NY skyline and the devices to create a 1/3 page illustration that faded at the edges (and allowed the type logo to fit nicely below) and used the colors they had pre-selected for the show. Big thanks to Adrianne for a very fun assignment!

Here is an ad in the latest issue of DV magazine that shows the illustration in action: