Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This illustration is in the January issue of AV Technology. I love coming up with interesting solutions for very technical ideas, so I am always thrilled to work with AVT. I'm working on some illustrations for upcoming issues now. Thanks, Margot and Nicole!

From the article: "Creating a tree-shaped network, with the root at the source of the media stream and customers at the end of the branches, and combining multicast addressing, makes efficient use of the network."

Monday, January 9, 2012

Double Dog Dare

Lacey, one of my dearest forever-friends, commissioned me to scratch these dachshund portraits for her husband Jarod. She sent me reference photos of their pups Charlie and George, and I did my best to capture their personalities. The portraits are ink on clayboard panels with wood cradles, so they can be hung side by side without glass. I love drawing dogs, so I had a blast drawing these guys. Plus, I even got to meet Charlie and George when I was in Oklahoma over the holidays. Thanks, Lacey!