Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Horsing Around

One of my favorite things to draw are my family's quarter horses. They have quite a herd (nearly 40 horses), so I always have plenty of models when I go back to visit Oklahoma. Here are a few of the horses: Brandy, Sooner, Chance, and Beau.

These are ink drawings I did for a solo show I'm having at the moment in my hometown at the Ponca City Art Center. All of these drawings are on 18x24" paper. There were many family friends at the opening who have spent time out at the ranch, and I loved that they were able to recognize who was who in my drawings. I also did 13 large scratchboard panels of animals for the show -- I'll post those soon.


  1. I just gasped! I love these- I want these!

  2. Beautiful, Bri! I always think horses are so hard to draw...but you've got it!

  3. These are so beautiful Bri- they go beyond the ink- you can feel the love and connection that you have- that's what it's about!!!