Sunday, February 1, 2009


I just got back in tonight from visiting my sister in Ann Arbor. While I was staying with her, I realized that one of the figure drawings hanging in her living room is from the first night I ever drew with ink.In 2005, I was in my first semester of the graduate program at FIT, in the drawing class designed and taught by Melanie Reim (one of my all-time favorite people). That class was a time of tremendous growth for all of us, and that night in particular, something clicked inside me. Melanie handed out cups of ink and bamboo pens and gave us no other option for materials. It's something I doubt I ever would have tried left to my own devices, and that push was something I desperately needed. Drawing from life changed over from this nerve-wracking, labored activity into something natural and fluid that just felt so right. I'll always be grateful for Melanie's influence (which continues to this day).
The drawing above is from the same night, and it was my very first ink drawing. On the left of the page, I was trying to get the feel for how the pen worked.

Ann Arbor was beautiful -- snow-covered and completely charming. I always enjoy visiting there, and this trip was no exception. I also have to say, it's kind of great to have a little sister who asks for your drawings to hang on her walls.

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  1. I remember seeing the magic happen that night, Bri.
    Hardly ever have I seen a student take to this medium like you did- and look what you have done with it!