Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Drawing, the Language of Vision

Burt Silverman has a drawing DVD out now with a very familiar looking model. Oh, wait...That's me.

Burt taught a five week session during the FIT Illustration Master's program, which is how I came to know him. He's a fantastic teacher, no doubt about it. He does two drawings of me in the DVD, one in graphite and one in white and black on tonal paper. It's available for sale by Singnilar Art Videos, if anyone is interested.

It was such a fascinating experience to pose for Burt. It's even more interesting to be able to go back and watch the process unfold. To top off his mastery of drawing, his eloquent way with words shines through in the video as well.


  1. Hi Bri
    We met on Tuesday night at the society. I just linked over to you blog from Steven's blog. This is a cool post. You posed for Burt Silverman. That's awesome. I will have to look for the dvd. I'm sure it's not hard to find. I really like the drawgings you posted here. Are these done in ink or watercolor. I was wondering to if they were originally black and white. Anyway I'm going to continue to look around your blog and stop by again. Would it be ok to link you to my blog?

  2. I have the dvd- great job posing and you re right- Burt s a great teacher-D